Our Skills

We put your lab at the center of our attention. LabsDomino consulting experts focus a wealth of experience on the unique laboratory needs. This enables us to deliver the smartest technology solutions for your lab and achieve significant technology advantages for the customer. We aim at optimizing and harmonizing processes of data flows utilizing adequate technology accelerators . Our skills help you to maximize the benefits from your technology investments.

We offer:

  • A consistent team from start to finish
  • Practical laboratory experience to pursue progress and enhance solution quality Specialized LIMS software expertise and intricate product knowledge Proficient technical skills that support your IT resources and customization needs
  • Specific know-how on diverse development tools: Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL, .NET, C#, ASP, Delphi, C++, Java, XML, PHP, InfoMaker/Crystal Reports
  • Expertise in most commercial LIMS systems besides being specifically focused on providing configured solutions for: QSI , (WinLIMS), Thermo (SampleManager, Nautilus, LabManager, Watson), Labordatenbank
  • Specific mining related services: Additional to laboratory environments and LIMS issues and due to the educational background of a part of our team we can additionally offer consulting services for mining solutions, in terms of exploration, investigations, mine site evaluation, raw material assessments and thereby focusing on the full mine production loop from quarry face to mill.