Why LIMS implementation services

LIMS implementation servicesThis is simply because there is no LIMS software on the market that can be employed like a Plug-and-Play system. A professional Off-the-Shelf LIMS software needs to be configured and tailored to a specific laboratory setting. It takes great effort, proficient skills and long experience to project a given lab environment onto a LIMS software for targeting a maximized benefit out of the software's capabilities. Above all, this requires a combined broad expertise of IT and laboratory circumstances.

Now you may expect that the vendor of LIMS software products will supply you with such tailored configuration at the same time. Indeed, this is possible and it exists. But usually this in not the preferred core business of big vendors, therefore, such services are in general very expensive. Further most of the vendors - being occupied with software development, sales and marketing at the core - do not have enough and dedicated professional staff for such time consuming and affording work as implementing and deploying a full fetched LIMS at the customer's end. Wherefore they themselves quite frequently ask for service consultancies to take over that part from them.

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