Who we are

We sell LIMS implementation services. LabsDomino is an independent Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) consulting services and laboratory technology solutions provider. We are an Austrian based company and deliver our services locally as well as abroad.

Our service offer
Lab automation is our home. We guide and lead you through the complete loop of a LIMS implementation, from the very start until the final end, i.e. ranging from full LIMS implementations and deployment to custom software and validation services. Our comprehensive service line covers the full range and broad scope of a LIMS implementation in a laboratory environment. We serve all entities that operate any type, range and size of analytical laboratories.

Our company name
This is why we name "LabsDomino" - In a domino setting , each and every domino must be placed appropiately so that an unbroken domino effect takes place until the very last domino falls without interuption on the long way from the start.
A laboratory environment is very similar, numereous samples come in and are subjected to various analysis along unique test workflow patterns. Finally the test reults have to be processed, evaluated and reported in particular ways and shape to meet any given obligations from customer or authority side. The sample analysis processing line through a laboratory environment is in this sense very similar to a domino setting. Each and every piece has to be set up appropiately and efficiently meeting the next so that an initially triggered impuls passes allthrough upt to the end in an unhampered way.

The customer, our partner
We see our customers rather as partners than pure clients. Our customers know their laboratory business, we know laboratories and LIMS. Together we make a powerful partnership - proficient at identifying the customers' business needs for realizing the customers' laboratory business objectives.

Who we are NOT

We do not produce but sell LIMS software. This is simply because there is already a large variety of professional products on the market, so why to invent the bulb twice then. Since we know this products very well, it enables us to support our customers to choose an appropiate product fitting a given unique lab environment best . We have close contact to several key vendors and know their products very well. These our contacts are also conducive for negotiating the best offers in terms of product cost for our customers.